GMSA has many sexuality education workshops to offer. Our materials include introductory workshops for self-advocates, parents, and providers; a 400 page sexuality education curriculum; training of trainer opportunities for sexuality educators; and much more!

These resources were developed in collaboration with Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. We have worked from the following shared values:

  • We are all sexual beings. Sexuality is a positive and pleasurable part of life.
  • The fundamental principles of self-advocacy are that people with developmental disabilities can have control over their own lives, make their own decisions, solve problems and speak for themselves. These principles extend to sexuality and relationships.
  • People have the right to choose their own partners – same sex, opposite sex, differently-abled.
  • Everyone has a right to information about health and sexuality provided in an accessible manner.
  • Relationships are learning opportunities. We move in, out, and within them in different ways.
  • Treat adults as adults. Have respect for an individual’s right to make choices and mistakes.
  • Accept people where they are; support people in discovering who they are. No judging – do not push your values on someone else.

If you have questions, contact us! We are happy to help you pick the best training for your needs.

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