GMSA has created six basic self-advocacy workshops that we teach to our 18 local self-advocacy groups in Vermont. Each workshop provides a new skill that is important to being a strong self-advocate. These workshops are excellent tools for groups that are looking to start up or need a refresher about the movement! Workshops are designed for an audience size of 20 people or less and take about 2 hours (except “How to Be a Strong Self-Advocate” which is 2-4 hours).

  1. Knowing Yourself: This workshop teaches participants to identify their likes/dislikes, to know their personal strengths,
    what to tell others about themselves, and how to identify things they would like to try.
  2. Being Part of the Community: This workshop teaches participants roles people can have in the community. It teaches ways individual self-advocates and self-advocacy groups can get involved at local, state, regional and national levels. 
  3. Communication: This workshop teaches participants how to be assertive instead of shy or pushy. Participants will learn effective use of body language, listening and other communication skills. 
  4. Problem Solving: This workshop helps participants learn ways to solve problems and achieve the outcomes they want. It teaches how to identify emotions and be positive when you work through hard feelings. Participants practice solving problems using five problems solving steps.
  5. Rights and Responsibilities: This workshop teaches participants about our rights, rules, and responsibilities. Participants learn the difference between everyday rights and responsibilities and specific laws about the rights of people with disabilities. 
  6. How to Be a Strong Self-Advocate: This workshop teaches participants important tools like how to make decisions and speak up for themselves. The workshop empowers peopleto make personal choices and advocate for themselves if they want individual accommodations.

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