Kris Medina, Advocacy Educator

Kris Medina, Disability Educator


Kristofor Medina works as an Advocacy Educator for Green Mountain Self-Advocates. He is a leader of Communication Alliance, a local self-advocacy group. Kris has been typing to communicate since 3rd grade. To be able to communicate is a luxury, and it is a right not to be taken for granted. I’m trying to tell you that without typing – I would be left without a voice. Please present open minded attitudes with everyone even if they can’t vocalize their thoughts. I want a life with love, laughter and hope, and if I don’t have communication, that is lost in the mist of longing for what we all deserve. Graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in English felt amazing but I am ready for my next journey which is finding my dream job as a writer.  My mighty typing finger is ready to go. See you all on the typing play grounds.

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