Our culture, especially when it comes to people with intellectual disabilities, has told folks

for a long time that:

  • You really don’t have much power of choice for yourself
  • You really don’t have the ability to think for yourself
  • You really don’t have the ability to stand on your own two feet
  • So just lean on us, we can help you and we will do things for you.

Although this type of attitude is well-intentioned it creates helplessness! GMSA has seen adults in their 30’s and 40’s who have to ask what they should do all the time. They ask, “What should I do about this? And what should I do about that?” Many people don’t believe in themselves or in their ability to make decent decisions.

This interactive workshop is for parents, providers and allies. The training uses role plays to demonstrate how to answer questions is such a way that they provide information, but not advice. The point of this workshop is to teach participants how to support someone to make their own decision. After all, whose decision is it anyway?

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