The Transition Toolbox is a personal portfolio that is designed to help students with developmental disabilities understand Transition Plans. The Toolbox will prepare students to write their Transition Plan with their teams. It can be used as part of a curriculum in a classroom setting or as a training tool in other settings. The Toolbox will give students a way to save important documents and can be customized for each individual.

The Toolbox will be valuable to the student, teachers, parents and other team members as the student plans for his/her future. S/he will use it to:

  • Plan for their future
  • Learn how to organize important documents
  • Keep records of school and community learning
  • Showcase their accomplishments

How should the Toolbox be used?

Peer Mentors can be used to introduce each section in the Toolbox. Many of the older Self-Advocates say they wish they had been more involved in their Transition planning and wish they had used a toolbox for organizing themselves. Contact GMSA to find out more about using Peer Mentors.

Why have peer mentors?

Like everything else, students listen to advice from their peers more than the adults in their lives. Peer mentors have credibility: they have the experience of entering the world of adulthood with a developmental disability.

If you are interested in looking at these Transition materials, please refer to the Transition Toolkit in the Tools section or click here.

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